A Great 2013

It’s been a stellar 2013 for this blog. All of which I owe to the readers. I’ve been fortunate to meet some of you and correspond with others via email, both of which are enormously rewarding. There are countless menswear blogs, each with a different voice and advice in regards to elegant dressing, though I’m pleased you chose this one.

Readership skyrocketed 130% from 2012, thanks in no small part to Vanity Fair and my participation in their International Best Dressed List Challenge. ¬†I’m pleased with the growth, 10,000 unique monthly visitors here. While it’s a small figure in the blog world, it’s incredibly encouraging to me.¬†Additionally, the content is better. Judging from the views of certain posts, I see the profiles of shops like Supply & Advise and bespoke craftsmen like Angel Ramos are by far the most researched. I take that as a hint to get out more and discuss the art of of menswear with those in the trade.

I aim to educate while I evolve, hopefully that’s come through. I’m certainly no expert on menswear, but I do have a keen and sustained interest in it.

I’m eager for 2014, as I’ll continue to make this blog better and more informative.


2 responses

  1. Hey Brotha Hosten your blog is the best!! It’s about time African American men have someone to turn to for clothing advice. I’m a man who has lost a significant amour of lbs and find your opinions and knowledge about tailoring, fit and texture a great help!! Keep up the good work!!

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